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Bob Cockrell is a lifelong resident of Tuscaloosa County. He graduated from Tuscaloosa County High School and the University of Alabama. Bob obtained a degree from the University in criminal justice. After graduating from the University, he attended law school and graduated from the Birmingham School of Law (BSL) Bob worked his way through law school and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. During his time at BSL, Bob was the Vice President of the Senior Class and a member of Sigma Delta Kappa Law fraternity. Bob was admitted to the Alabama bar in 1986.

During college, Bob participated in the BF Goodrich Tire summer program as a tire manufacturer in the plant. This job offered him valuable knowledge concerning tire construction and defects. This knowledge allowed Bob to be one of the first attorneys to file tire separation cases involving Fire Stone Tires on Ford Explorers. For that, he was awarded by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America the Steven J. Sharp public service award.

Also, while in college, Bob followed his father’s footsteps and worked in law enforcement as a University of Alabama police officer. His time as a police officer, as well as, growing up in a law enforcement community has rendered him uniquely qualified as an attorney to investigate his civil, criminal, and domestic cases. This time in law enforcement has assisted him in his representation of college students and protecting them from a criminal record that could adversely affect their employment prospects for life. Bob further has counseled these students to ensure that the mistakes they make in college does not happen again.

In 2011, Bob represented, to a successful conclusion, nine of the thirteen families of the miners killed in the Brookwood mine explosion. He also represented most of the miners injured in the explosion. While he was working on the mining case, Bob gained valuable knowledge regarding the operation of coal mines and the men and women who work in these mines. Since then, Bob has represented many miners injured on the job.

Bob’s unique work experience has assisted him in representing people from all walks of life resulting in multi-million dollar settlements for civil and divorce cases. Bob has been proud to serve the people of Alabama for over 30 years, and he plans to continue representing and helping the people of Alabama in the future.


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Bob Cockrell
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