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Leesburg, AL – Two-Vehicle Wreck on AL-68 Ends in Injuries

Leesburg, AL (February 21, 2024) – A motor vehicle accident reported in Cherokee County ended in injuries. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department and the Cherokee County rescue squad were sent to the scene of a car crash on Alabama Highway 68.


Crash reports show two vehicles collided on Alabama Highway 68 just halfway up the mountain from Leesburg. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities located a pickup truck severely damaged off the side of the roadway and overturned. A van was also involved in the accident. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.


A total of eight people were injured in the crash. Atrium EMS transported multiple victims to Atrium Health Floyd in Atrium for emergency care. The driver of the truck and the driver of the van were both flown by medical helicopter to a trauma unit at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Currently, the Leesburg Fire Department and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department are investigating.


We hope the injured victims recover quickly.


Car Accidents in Alabama

In 2022, the state of Alabama reported a total of 31,990 motor vehicle crashes, resulting in injuries to over 10,900 individuals and tragically claiming the lives of nearly 600. Several factors contribute to car accidents in Alabama, with distracted driving being a common cause. Activities such as texting, eating, or talking on the phone while driving take the attention of a driver away from the road, compromising reaction time in unforeseen situations.


Inclement weather conditions, such as heavy rain or ice, create slick roads and heighten the risk of losing control of a vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to exercise caution during adverse weather conditions by slowing down and maintaining extra distance from other vehicles. As a result, severe accidents occur.


Impaired driving stands out as a leading cause of car accidents in Alabama. Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol severely impairs judgment and coordination, compromising safe road operation.


Speeding is another significant contributing factor. Drivers exceeding posted speed limits have reduced control over their vehicles and may struggle to stop in time to prevent accidents. Aggressive driving behaviors, including tailgating and weaving between lanes, elevate the risk of collisions.


If you have sustained injuries due to a car accident caused by a driver's negligent or reckless actions, legal options may be available to you. Contacting an Alabama car accident lawyer immediately after your crash is advisable to discuss your case.


At Cockrell, Cockrell, Ritchey & Ritchey, LLP, we are dedicated to safeguarding the rights of injury victims. Our experienced attorneys specialize in personal injury law and are committed to helping you seek justice. We aim to provide trusted legal counsel during challenging times. Contact our devoted Alabama personal injury law firm today at 205-349-2009 for a free consultation. If you have suffered injuries due to someone else's negligence or recklessness, let us guide you on the path to justice, facilitating a swift recovery process.


Notes: Our writers relied on secondary sources to create this article. Our staff has not independently verified all of the circumstances surrounding this accident; therefore, if you find any incorrect information, please contact Cockrell, Cockrell, Ritchey & Ritchey, LLP immediately so that we can update the post to reflect the most accurate information available. The post may be deleted upon request.


Disclaimer: This post's content is not intended to serve as legal or medical advice. The image used in this post was not taken at the described accident scene. This post is not intended as a business solicitation.


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